Hey There!

My name is Chris and I am the creator of Notch.

I came up with the idea for Notch a few months ago and I've been spending all of my "spare time" on it (aka not sleeping)

Notch is made for busy folks like us to bypass all of the crappy parts of dating. I am working to build a life and career so I don't have time to meet people through traditional channels. I'm over the whole "bar scene" BUT not really into creating a dating profile online. Honestly, it just seems a little weird to me as commonplace as it has become.

My friends met some girls from the internet and while I found their stories quite hilarious, I didn't care to create a horror story of my own. Sometime shortly after my friend's internet date drank a bottle of skotch and spit at me I created Notch!

Notch allows you to swipe through pictures of people within a set radius. If the initial attraction is there, swipe right to like them or up to view their profile. If not, swipe left. So what if you like someone but they don't like you back? No big deal, they'll never know you liked them to begin with (now that's better for your ego than traditional dating sites huh?). If you both swipe that you like eachother, the system will send a message to both of you and you can chat/setup a date.

Okay, now here's how I'm going to avoid crazy women from the internet.

What REALLY sets Notch apart (aside from being compatible with all major mobile devices and computers) is that Notch allows you to rate people you know. You go out with someone that turns out to suck, you leave them a review. Have an ex that really screwed you over? Let everyone know. Internet dating without a review system is kinda like buying from an online auction site without checking someone's feedback.

I am legitimately astonished you read all the way to the end of this :) but stop wasting time and login with facebook. We will never post to your facebook account. Notch is as anonymous as you'd like it to be but I suggest you tell your friends and avoid their drunken, crazy internet dates.


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